Thursday, April 29, 2010

This ought to be fun!

I've decided to post my virtual model as a means of gauging my progress of losing weight.  Again, my sole reason for being on this journey is to face the fear of being thinner, not for looking better as being thinner.  I'm not sure if that makes sense to everyone so I'll try to elaborate.  Losing weight will obviously make me look better.  That's a given.  That's not why I'm losing the weight, though.  While I feel like the law of averages will equal out and I'll eventually have issues with health, THAT is not even why I'm doing this.  I'm doing this to confront my demons...and boy are some of them nasty.  The hideously unfortunate part about this is that I am not just dealing with weight issues as a result of avoiding emotional issues.  I, as is stated multiple times on this blog before and in the future, am addicted to food.  So, I'm dealing with two very difficult aspects of this.  Jeez...wouldn't one have been enough?  Anyway, tangent over.  Here is my virtual model.  Let's see how she changes over time. 

Just to let you know, this is actually a pretty good representation of how I look in real life.


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