Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let The Shakes Begin

I'm feeling pretty good this morning.  I'm feeling a lot less anxious about doing this all of a sudden.  Not sure why, but I'll take it!  This morning I began with my first shake, which is Swiss Chocolate Banana.  Pretty yummy.  I think I'm getting the picture that my husband and I will be cranky until we get used to this, so I just have to remember that before I take his head off.  I will most certainly have caffeine withdrawal if I don't make some coffee, which I am about to do.  I think I'd like to back off the caffeine as well.  When I am not drinking caffeine I am less hungry.  I guess food and caffeine addictions collide in a bad way.  For now, though, it's coffee time. 

I wish I had some readers already so I could say good morning.  I have wondered whether it is a good idea to give some of my friends access to this, but I think it may alter what I am saying here.  There are some deep, dark things I'll want to talk about and it's a lot easier if I'm talking to the unknown.  If you read this and want to continue reading this, I'd love to hear from you.  However, either way, this is the journal of my journey and I'll be here regardless.


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