Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Far, So Good

Here's a detail of what I've had today thus far:

Chocolate Banana Shake
Cookies & Cream with Marshmallow Shake
Salad w/Calorie Free Dressing
2 cups of Red Chile Stew

The supplements I'm taking are:
Linoleic Acid
Prenatal Vitamin

I'll have one more shake tonight and that's about it!  I think I'm going to go for an Orange Julius kind of thing.  :)

I've noticed that the shakes don't have the protein I would like them to have, so I will likely go purchase some unflavored protein powder to add to them.  I also may consider whether I want to do some kind of bar as a supplement.  Still undecided on that.  Husband may have a fit about that since he can't have them, but I'm not sure I want to follow his program to the letter anyway.

In short, I think this will work well.  I think cravings will decrease as the days go by.  This first part of dropping the weight will not be the hard part.  It will be keeping it off and dealing with the emotions.  So, this may be a bit monotonous for a while. 


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